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What makes Cagette Special and what is our envision?

The « Star » of Cagette and what makes our food special is the premium and beautiful products that we source and select, from local artisans & farmers to the freshest seafood directly imported from France

Our Cuisine is focused on interpreting the generosity of nature. Cuisine in the state of nature … But it takes a lot of delicacies to bring raw nature to the table. The meticulous care of our cooks extends the care that the producers brought from the start. A cuisine made up of as many contrasts as harmonies with the right skills and seasoning.

Set Lunch
Tuesday to Saturday
11.30 – 14.30

Sunday Brunch
11:30 AM - 3:00 PM
Booking is required!

A La Carte
11.30 – 22.30

Meet Our Chef : Cédric Cador

French native from Lyon, known for being the gastronomy city capital, Cedric got attracted at a very young age by the culinary arts. Learning alongside big names Chefs, he quickly had the urge to open his own dining and throughout the years opened multiple restaurants in different countries.

It’s finally in Bangkok that he decided to open his 4th restaurant, a humble Mediterranean venue, and then stepped up to open Cagette in December 2017 with only one purpose: a celebration of French homemade flavors.

More than a restaurant, Cagette is a production site, where Cedric can fully let his passion & energy be translated into his plates and homemade products.

At Cagette Canteen & Deli, Cedric recreates the smells and flavors of traditional French dishes, but furthermore, he is putting all his experience and passion to create specials plate every day, being inspired by the premium products the Earth is providing us.

Always sourcing the best fresh products to ensure the best taste and quality.

Cedric will do everything to make sure you have the most comfortable and special experience at Cagette, through his cooking and hospitality service.

Trust him to create the surprising “wow” while you dine in.

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Sunday Brunch.

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Raclette at Cagette

Every Thursday 6pm onwards

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