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Cheese Gougeres – Box of 6pcs

Delicious cheese gougeres made with premium Emmental cheese and Isigny butter. These canapés are perfect to share as an appetizer with bubbles before starting a dinner

Mini puff ham & cheese

Enjoy mini puff pastry roll with ham and cheese! Great to share during your aperitif with friends and family

Sausage Roll by Cagette

Made with our Lyonnaise sausage and traditional puff pastry, our sausage rolls will satisfy your buds!
Our tips for your little ones? Add a spoon of homemade ketchup !


Per box of 6 pieces

Focaccia bite, tomato & mozzarella

Try our small bites of focaccia perfumed with tomato and mozzarella! Serve it during your aperitif for the festive season

Box of 6pcs

Choux Tarama

Have you tried savory choux dough with homemade tarama? Simply delicious!

Quiche Legumes & Chevre

This lighter quiche will keep you satisfied while not having to retire on your couch to recover! Perfect for lunch or light dinner


Quiche Lorraine

This Homemade tart is special!
French people love it that much that May 20th has become National Quiche Lorraine Day in France.

Le Campagnard Sandwich

Homemade Pork ”Pâté” with cornichons and pickled red onions,
in a freshly baked ”Baguette”

Le Parisien Sandwich

A French Classic!
Saucisson ”Perche”  or Paris Ham with Butter & Cornichons
in a freshly baked ”Baguette”

Le Savoyard Sandwich

A must have!!
Homemade coppa, with melted ”Reblochon” cheese
and caramelized onions in a Crispy ”Country”Bread

Le Breton Sandwich

Poached Blue Lobster, Cocktail Mayo & Avocado
In a Freshly baked Pain ”Viennois”

Le Scandinave Sandwich

Home smoked Salmon, with Dill Cream & Lemon
in a Freshly baked Rye Bread



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