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Smoked Chicken Breast 200g by Cagette

Smoked chicken can be enjoyed hot and cold. Its flavor is delicate and smooth in mouth and the smoke gave it the quick it needed.

Morteaux Sausage 360g – 3pcs

Renowned for its generosity, smoky taste and balanced texture this sausage is for Gourmets as much as for Gourmands!
In the mouth, it is soft, juicy and particularly supple.


  • 120g per piece
Merguez by Cagette 6pcs – 500g ( 100% lamb)

Merguez is a food of conviviality. And at Cagette we care about conviviality! The merguez is indissociable of the good time.


Lamb Chops marinated (NZ) 300g

Did you know? This Lamb is raised on New Zeland sea spread pasture cliffs. Close in taste with the French “pré-salé” Lamb, it has a superb texture and very delicate flavor.


  • approx 100g/chop
Lyonnaise Sausage by Cagette 3pcs – 360g

In Lyon, sausages are not just food: they are a religion. Why else would one of the most celebrated versions be called a Jesus?

(approx. 120g per piece)

Beef Ribeye ”Angus” 300g

Try out this Angus Ribeye!
The Angus cattle is the main reason of this unmatched flavor, tenderness and delicious taste.


  • 300g per Slice
1.8kg Beef Prime Rib ”Wagyu

This Prime Rib Wagyu 400 days Grain Fed Australian is just superb. It is delicate in taste, tender in texture and robust in flavor. What an impressive and perfect centerpiece for special gatherings with friends and family. Turn on the BBQ!


  • size 1.8kg
1.6kg Australian Beef Prime Rib Wagyu

Australian Wagyu is one of the most sought-after beef in the world and is a result of a natural hybridization process between local Angus and imported Japanese Wagyu cattle. It’s an expensive cut but well worth the money!
With its rich marbling, this meet is super fatty, tender and melt-in-your-mouth.


Wagyu beef has a much higher fat content than normal beef, that’s why you won’t need to add much salt or pepper to bring out its flavor. This makes it extra juicy and tender when cooked correctly, it is all about quality, not quantity! A little goes a long way with this Prime Rib from Australia!


Size 1.6kg
Good for 6-8 people (average indication)

1.5kg Beef Prime Rib Wagyu

Australian Wagyu Prime Rib is a tender cut of beef that comes from the rib section. It’s also known as standing rib roast, standing rib, or simply as prime rib, due to its reputation as the most flavorful cut of beef.


It is one of the most expensive and sought-after cuts of beef in Australia and around the world.
This cut comes from cattle with a high percentage of meat marbling, which makes it extremely tender and juicy when cooked properly.


Australian Wagyu is a breed of beef cattle. The Japanese word “Wagyu” means “cow” but is also a term used to refer to several specific beef cattle breeds.
To qualify as Australian Wagyu Prime Rib Beef, the cut must be from an animal that has a marble score of 7 or higher and is grain fed.
The standard grading scale for measuring the fat content in beef is called the “Marble Score”: A 9-10 score indicates excellent marbling and a 5-6 score indicates very little marbling.


Chef Cedric recommends to cook it on the grill or barbecue and have roasted potatoes and ratatouille as side dish.
You can also find our Australian Wagyu Prime Rib, every Sunday during our famous brunch.

1.2kg Australian Beef Prime Rib Wagyu

This Prime Rib Wagyu 400 days Grain Fed Australian is just superb.


Australian Wagyu prime rib is a cut of beef with exceptional flavor and tenderness. It is also one of the most expensive cuts of beef you can buy. Australian Wagyu Prime Rib is produced from the primal section between the sixth and seventh rib of a carcass.


It’s called “prime” because it has the most marbling (fat) of any other cut of beef, making it incredibly tender. The fat content means that this cut needs to be cooked slowly over low heat or else it will become tough and chewy.


If you love steak and are willing to pay for a premium cut, have we got good news for you! Read on to discover everything you need to know about Australian Wagyu Prime Rib…


It is delicate in taste, tender in texture and robust in flavor.
Turn on the BBQ!

Beef Wellington 800g

”Ready to Cook” – Comes with Cream Spinach, Truffle Mash & Truffle Jus
Impress your guests with this Black Angus Tenderloin wrapped in puff pastry,
layered with San Daniel Ham and Mushroom ”duxelles”.
Place in oven at 180C for 40mns.
!!PRE-ORDER 6hours Min.!!

Beef Tenderloin 180g

This Australian grain fed beef will melt in your mouth..

. 180g



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