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Spicy Sausage by Cagette 3pcs- 360g

This sausage is homemade and flavored with our spices. A perfect balanced between hot and smooth texture. Great in risotto, Ideal for a spicy sandwich, mandatory for BBQ parties!

(approx. 120g per pc)

Fresh Mexican Chorizo by Cagette 3pcs -300g

For those who likes it SPICY, we’ve created an homemade Mexican Chorizo with a unique deep flavored taste!
(approx 110g)

Morteaux Sausage 360g – 3pcs

Renowned for its generosity, smoky taste and balanced texture this sausage is for Gourmets as much as for Gourmands!
In the mouth, it is soft, juicy and particularly supple.


  • 120g per piece
Merguez by Cagette 6pcs – 500g ( 100% lamb)

Merguez is a food of conviviality. And at Cagette we care about conviviality! The merguez is indissociable of the good time.


Lyonnaise Sausage by Cagette 3pcs – 360g

In Lyon, sausages are not just food: they are a religion. Why else would one of the most celebrated versions be called a Jesus?

(approx. 120g per piece)