• Salami Milano

    One of the most famous Italian salami, It possesses very little fat, in white touches called “grana di riso” (grains of rice)
    Ideal as an aperitif, in a snack, for little hunger.

    Salami Milano

  • Salami Napoli

    Salami Napoli was historically considered such a high quality merchandise that it was used to pay for professional work and eaten during celebrations.

    Salami Napoli

  • Salami Tartuffo “Truffe”

    The precious summer truffles from Piedmont are a delight for this dry sausage. A fillet of red wine refines everything, making it a real culinary experience for gourmets.

  • Coppa Di Parma

    The coppa has always been considered a “noble” deli meat, so much that there is evidence of its presence at the court of the Duke Ferdinando Borbone, as a special guest for his banquets.


    Coppa Di Parma