• Iberico Ham 24 months

    This ham is healthy! It might be hard to believe but research shows that the acorns eaten by the spanish iberico pigs are rich sources of oleic acid. It is the same chemical found in olives, and the pigs are often referred to locally as “olives with legs”.

  • Saucisson le Rond d’Auvergne

    Cheese and wine may be quintessentially French to the rest of the world, but the unconditional love for cured, salty pork sticks or saucisson, is just as strong and timeless. “It feels festive and fun, like a carefree moment taken from a busy day.”

  • Salami Tartuffo “Truffe”

    The precious summer truffles from Piedmont are a delight for this dry sausage. A fillet of red wine refines everything, making it a real culinary experience for gourmets.

  • Coppa Di Parma

    The coppa has always been considered a “noble” deli meat, so much that there is evidence of its presence at the court of the Duke Ferdinando Borbone, as a special guest for his banquets.


    Coppa Di Parma

  • Salami Napoli

    Salami Napoli was historically considered such a high quality merchandise that it was used to pay for professional work and eaten during celebrations.

    Salami Napoli

  • Salami Milano

    One of the most famous Italian salami, It possesses very little fat, in white touches called “grana di riso” (grains of rice)
    Ideal as an aperitif, in a snack, for little hunger.

    Salami Milano

  • Prosciutto San Daniele 18 months

    San Daniele is unique. Unique … because, more than a ham, it’s a culture. The ham comes from the expert hands of a handful of men considered here in San Daniele as true masters. It is the fruit of ancestral craftsmanship, which contains centuries of tradition and a taste that has survived through the ages to arrive intact to Cagette.

  • Parma Ham 10 Month

    Italian tradition. “Una fetta tira l’altra”. One slice calls for another … And this ham, the best time to enjoy it is during a meal, is in antipasto, appetizers, clear taste buds and intact appetite. Voila, we told you everything. And now ? Buon appetito!