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Cheese Platter – Build your own

Build your own cheese platter!

If you’re looking to impress your guests with a stunning cheese platter, look no further!
Our cheese platter build your Own kit comes with everything you need to create a delicious and visually stunning cheese platter.

Choose from a selection of high-quality cheeses below, it will come with bread & pickles.

How to make a perfect cheese platter ?
Select no more than 5 products and count 100gr per person!

A minimum fee of 260 THB applies for the bread, pickles and board preparation.

Tomette Espelette – 100g

Fun Fact: First the Espelette pepper was used for its medicinal purpose. Later on it replaced in some places the black pepper because of its good taste.


Beurre Isigny Sainte-Mere 25g Salted

Did you know? Butter has a melting temperature of 98.6°F, exactly the same temperature inside the mouth (at least for 99.7% of us).  This is what gives butter its rich, creamy feel in the mouth.

Beurre Isigny Sainte Mere 25g Unsalted

There’s a reason why slang for gold is “butter.” Because yum and it’s healthier than you think. Butter has none of the artificial trans fats (associated with the “bad” cholesterol) you get in margarine.

Beurre Isigny Sainte-Mere 250g Salted

Butter is an ancient food made by separating the cream from the milk and then churning the cream until it thickens. People often use oil, margarine, or even fruit puree in baked goods, but there is nothing quite like butter’s flavor.

Emmental – 100g


Gruyère d’Alpage – 100g

Lactose intolerant? Gruyère cheese does not contain any lactose, since it’s broken down in the production process. “No excuses”

Beaufort Summer A.O.C 100g

Fun Fact : Beaufort has been celebrated since the Roman era. “A Risotto with Beaufort instead of Parmesan just takes you out of this world”

Camembert Normandie – 250g

Fun Fact : This cheese is said to have inspired Salvador Dali to create his famous painting, The Persistence of Memory. Its “melting” watches were inspired by the sight of a melting wheel of over-ripe Camembert.



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