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Shitake Mushroom by Cagette 100g

What makes shiitake so delicious? They have a savory, meaty taste that lends a deeper flavor to almost any dish. This savory experience is known as umami, a flavor also found in anchovies, tomatoes, and other mushrooms.


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Pickled Pink Shallots 100g

Those shallots have a delicate and sweet flavor, with a red/pink skin color and a slight pink interior. Its mildness and beautiful colors are sure to satisfy all palates and eyes

Pickled Veggies by Cagette 350g

Cagette finest selection of vegetables, homemade pickled. Ready to serve and enjoy!

Mix Olives ”provençale” by Cagette 350g

Fennel, thyme, rosemary, bay leaf. We selected the best aromatic plants to pair them with our olives to create uniques bites full of flavors!


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Anchovies in Oil by Cagette 100g

Tasty Silverfish! Did you know? Fishermen prefer to fish anchovies on nights with a full moon: with their silvery body they shine in the water under the moonlight. Giving out a unique Spectacle.


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Homemade Mayonnaise 180g

Our Chef Recipe, using Free Range eggs and a dash of extra virgin olive oil.
Will perfectly complement your dishes!


  • 180g per jar
Hummus 100g

Originally from Middle east, made from chickpeas, Tahini, garlic an olive oil.
We should all be thankful for this delicious invention!

*Tahini 50%

Cornichons & Onions Pickled 350g

Best Partners to accompany your Coldcuts, Terrines or Aperitif! This sour/sweet balance along with a crispy texture make it nice to always have some in your home.

Fig Preserve 100g

Louis XIV “The Sun King” loved Figs so much that in Versailles garden you can find 700 different varieties of Fig trees.


  • 290g per jar


Caramelized Onion ”Marmelade” by Cagette 100g

Try this out with our coldcuts or cheeses! Slow cooked red onions stew, some white rum and brown sugar to add the sweetness touch.


  • 300g per jar


Marmelade ”Lime” 290g

Selection of our best fresh limes simmered for 12 hours in brown sugar, salt and bacon.


  • 290g per jar


Thyme Sea Salt

Simple, good. What Else?
This mix of Thyme and Seasalt is pairing well with all kind of preparations.


  • 75g per jar




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