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Montage – Sundried Tomato & Thai Basil Salt – 110gr

The heavy, sweet and savory roasted flavor of the sun-dried tomato is beautifully balanced with the everly so slight, sharp and piquant overtones from the Thai basil. A wicked addition, whether you decide to bake or grill fish, and a tasty topping to elevate your scrambled eggs.

Montage – Yuzu Citrus Salt – 110gr

A taste and smell that radiates a citrus tangy delight, you can’t help but wonder how fresh lemon, lime and grapefruit can be combined into one. This incredible floral aroma is a masterpiece when combined with the subtle aromatic notes from the slightly spicy green peppercorn.

Montage – Pink Himalayan Salt – 85gr

With these naturally pink flakes you are empowered to control the flavors from the tips of your fingers. The uniquely natural salt brings a complex flavor reminiscent of Himalayan Rock yet you can pinch and spread the flake crystals between your fingertips. Have a try, as it melts in your mouth.

Montage – Small Pyramid Salt – 85gr

These uniquely Small Pyramid Crystals provide an extraordinary sensory appeal, a subtle flavor with an ever so crunchy texture. Try it by topping baked potatoes, besprinkle your salads or simply savor it over a chunky steak, giving the perfect flavor balance to your dish.

Montage – Tamarind Smoked Salt – 110gr

The hardwood of the tamarind tree, abundant in the tropics, gives a slightly bitter but
mild flavor reminiscent of walnut, but does not overpower. You will be amazed by the complex yet balanced smoky flavor, enhancing the deep-rooted ingredients of each dish.

Montage – Longan Smoked Salt – 80gr
Longan is a uniquely tropical fruit tree, related to the lychee, with the smoke of its hardwoods, a subtly sweet and delicately fruity in profile, providing a savory smoky experience that compares to apple and cherry woods with a tropical twist.
French Melon & San Daniele Ham

French melon is a seasonal fruit available during the summer season. We typically serve it as a starter with San Daniele ham or as a dessert in a fruit salad for example. Get to try it with us, it freshly landed at Cagette!

Montage Salt – Thai Tropical Truffle

Discover the latest salt from Montage Andaman Gourmet Salt!  A rarity beyond the stars, this fragrant and deep musky gem – Thai Tropical Truffle (tuber magnatum) – can turn any dish into a gourmet extravagancy.



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