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Extra virgin Olive Oil 250ml

Taste the extraordinary flavour of this Extra Virgin Olive Oil, a very special tradition from Italy with best selected olives


  • 250ml per bottle


Fresh Salmon ”Scottish” 180g

French Salmon from Scotland.
Unique and incredible texture of a natural product from sustainable farming.

Seaside Terrine, Fish & Seafood En Croûte 200g

In French, ”En Croûte” means ”In Crust”.
5 different kind of fish, prawns & Scallops, layered with Spinach, sun dried tomatoes,
and a delicious lobster bisque!
Enjoy it cold or hot with a salad…
Served per slice of 200gr – individual portion


Scottish Salmon ”red label”, wrapped in buttery puff pastry.
Serves 8-10pax
Comes with cream spinach and ”Hollandaise” sauce


!!! PRE-ORDER 6 hours min. !!!

Beurre Isigny Sainte-Mere 250g Salted

Butter is an ancient food made by separating the cream from the milk and then churning the cream until it thickens. People often use oil, margarine, or even fruit puree in baked goods, but there is nothing quite like butter’s flavor.

Gruyère d’Alpage – 100g

Lactose intolerant? Gruyère cheese does not contain any lactose, since it’s broken down in the production process. “No excuses”

Duck Leg Confit by Cagette 500g

Confit is a long process to enhance a product flavors and improve its texture. At Cagette, we slow cooked it for so long, it can melt in your mouth.
Pack 2 pcs

Beaufort Summer A.O.C 100g

Fun Fact : Beaufort has been celebrated since the Roman era. “A Risotto with Beaufort instead of Parmesan just takes you out of this world”

Brie de Meaux 100g


Laguiole AOP 100g


Fourme d’Ambert 100g




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