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Fourme d’Ambert 100g


Comte 20 mois 100g

Fun Fact : The biggest cheese robbery took place in eastern France in November 2015. Four tons of Comt? cheese worth ?40,000 have been stolen from a French warehouse. Gold cheese !

Saint-Marcelin in Claypot 80g


Truffle Brie 100g


Whole Roasted Chicken 1.2kg

Homemade roasted chicken directly from our Rotisserie! This free range chicken is sure to deliver you satisfaction! Available during the weekend or Order a little bit in advance for your event!

Salami Tartuffo “Truffe” – 100g

The precious summer truffles from Piedmont are a delight for this dry sausage. A fillet of red wine refines everything, making it a real culinary experience for gourmets.

Salami Napoli – 100g

Salami Napoli was historically considered such a high quality merchandise that it was used to pay for professional work and eaten during celebrations.

Once upon a time, there was a salami so special that it was used to pay for professional work and eaten during celebrations. This is that salami. Salami Napoli is an Italian salami produced throughout the Campania region in various sizes. It’s made with pork shoulder, leg, neck, loin, and ham, black pepper, and spices. The combination is placed into a natural pig intestine casing, and it’s then dried and aged according to the size of the salami, but the aging and drying period never takes less than 30 days. The salami has a firm and dense texture, while the flavors are piquant. So if you’re looking for a special salami to pay for professional work or to eat during celebrations, look no further than Salami Napoli.

Saucisson sec 40g

Why is dry sausage so rich in protein?
The drying causes a nutritional concentration and, consequently, an increase in the nutrient content. Dry sausage is an excellent appetite suppressant. Its high protein content leads, among other things, a satietogenic effect, ideal for fighting against small hungers.

Mini Chorizo Aperiloste – 100g

These small chorizo saucisson balls are really unavoidable quality products to have on your table for a quick French style Apero or to easily take-away for a picnic or quick snack!

Bayonne Ham – 100g

Somewhat sweeter than its Italian cousin, our French ham prosciutto is an excellent item to keep handy in the kitchen. But we have to warn you that jambon de Bayonne is addictive; once it passes your lips, you swear you’ll eat it every day.

Mini Saucisson Aperiloste – 100g

For a successful aperitif or snacks, discover those mini salami balls which you will make a mouthful of!

Saucisson La Perche – 100g

Did you know? The perch sausage is loops shaped because it is dried wrapped around a perch. Hence why the name Perche.



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