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Jambon de Paris smoked – 100g

Our Home Smoked Paris Ham is a revelation. This recipe comes from the know-how of our cooks to enhance all the flavors. For lovers of traditional tastes, Smoked Paris Ham is a fantastic bite.

Pork tenderloin – 100g

Filet mignon is a very lean part of meat which makes it perfect for less fat snacks. At Cagette, we cured it with dry herbs and cracked pepper to give that creation a thin and flavorful layer.

Merguez by Cagette 6pcs – 500g ( 100% lamb)

Merguez is a food of conviviality. And at Cagette we care about conviviality! The merguez is indissociable of the good time.


Lardons by Cagette – 100g

Cagette home cured “lardon” are best grilled to throw in a salad or an omelette! Only for your pleasure!

Cured Pancetta by Cagette – 100g

At Cagette, we cured the pancetta Homemade for several months to enhance its delicate and strong taste. This Charcuterie can be enjoyed as an appetizer or as a prepared dish.

Cured Duck Magret by Cagette – 100g

Magret is a flavorful part of the duck and when cured, we make it even more tastier!

Pickled Veggies by Cagette 350g

Cagette finest selection of vegetables, homemade pickled. Ready to serve and enjoy!

Mix Olives ”proven├žale” by Cagette 350g

Fennel, thyme, rosemary, bay leaf. We selected the best aromatic plants to pair them with our olives to create uniques bites full of flavors!


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Homemade Mayonnaise 180g

Our Chef Recipe, using Free Range eggs and a dash of extra virgin olive oil.
Will perfectly complement your dishes!


  • 180g per jar
Cornichons & Onions Pickled 350g

Best Partners to accompany your Coldcuts, Terrines or Aperitif! This sour/sweet balance along with a crispy texture make it nice to always have some in your home.

Lyonnaise Sausage by Cagette 3pcs – 360g

In Lyon, sausages are not just food: they are a religion. Why else would one of the most celebrated versions be called a Jesus?

(approx. 120g per piece)

Marmelade ”Lime” 290g

Selection of our best fresh limes simmered for 12 hours in brown sugar, salt and bacon.


  • 290g per jar




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