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Seafood Platter – Build your own

Build your own seafood platter for your party!

Select your products from the best imported French seafood, from oysters to mussels or delicious premium lobster!
We will deliver the products packed individually, ready to set up on a wooden board with ice.

Let us know in comment if you would like us to open your oysters or not!

Wooden board will be picked up the next day or you can have it dropped back to us.
360 THB basic fees: include the manpower of product preparation, the wooden board, the ice and the pick up the next day

Caviar Baerii PRUNIER 30gr

Made from young acipenser baeri sturgeon, this caviar has a delicate texture and small, supple amber grains.
Its iodine structure, discreet but complex, will introduce you to the world of Prunier caviars.
Caviar Baerii is a delicacy made from the eggs of Siberian sturgeon. Even though caviar is typically associated with fish, it’s actually produced by the female sturgeon.

There are two types of caviar: silver and black. Silver caviar is most common, while black caviar is more expensive and difficult to find in Bangkok. Silver caviar has a smoother texture and a milder flavor than black caviar. Both types are usually served on toast or blinis. Caviar can be found in specialty stores and online. It’s also used as an ingredient for making mayonnaise or other spreads.

The most common way to eat caviar is on toast or blinis with a little lemon juice added. During the spring season, at Cagette the Chef serves it on delicious white asparagus or on top of a white fish. In addition to its taste, caviar is also good for you because it’s rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which help improve heart health.


Caviar Baerii PRUNIER is a must-have for those who enjoy a truly luxurious dining experience. This 30g pack of classic Baerii caviar is the perfect size for a small group of friends or family. With a rich, salty flavor and a beautiful dark color, this caviar is sure to impress your guests. Plus, it’s packed fresh for you in the week that you order it, so you can enjoy it to the fullest. So don’t wait any longer, get your hands on this amazing caviar today!

Perfect match with Blinis

Net weight: 30gr
Storage: we advise to store the caviar at the bottom of your refrigerator, in its original box. The best would be between 2°C to 4°C without health risk.

includes: Dill cream, blinis, boiled egg, and red onions.

Dutch Razor Clams – 400g

The classic method for cooking razor clams is by steaming them in a flavoured liquid, perhaps with a splash of wine and some sweated onions and garlic.

Fresh Salmon ”Scottish” 180g

French Salmon from Scotland.
Unique and incredible texture of a natural product from sustainable farming.

Seaside Terrine, Fish & Seafood En Croûte 200g

In French, ”En Croûte” means ”In Crust”.
5 different kind of fish, prawns & Scallops, layered with Spinach, sun dried tomatoes,
and a delicious lobster bisque!
Enjoy it cold or hot with a salad…
Served per slice of 200gr – individual portion

Ostra Regal N°3 – Dozen

Discover a jewel from the Boutrais family: their oyster Ostra Regal Number 3!
Slightly Nutty and crunchy.
These oysters are perfect with lemon, shallot or vinegar sauce that we also provide!

Salmon Blinis

Enjoy our delicate Scottish home smoked salmon between two slices of blinis with cream! A classic festive canapé for your aperitif at Christmas and New Year’s Eve!


Scottish Salmon ”red label”, wrapped in buttery puff pastry.
Serves 8-10pax
Comes with cream spinach and ”Hollandaise” sauce


!!! PRE-ORDER 6 hours min. !!!

Wild Sea-bass Portion 160g

Line caught Sea-bass from the french Britany coast.
Experience the incredible texture of that king of the fish.


Gillardeau Oysters N°2 – Box 48pcs

Box of 48 pcs – Gillardeau Oysters N°2
Product coming directly from France! The freshest oysters in Bangkok and the most famous and traditional refined oysters!



Delivered un-opened in a box with ice.
We can open them upon request, for additional 300 THB for manpower.

Ostra Regal N°2- Dozen

Discover the Ostra Regal oyster from the Boutrais family! It is their first jewel and an extraordinary product intended for the best connoisseurs of the oyster farming industry. This super special oyster is known for its high flesh content and its sweet, subtle and well-balanced taste.

Ostra Regal N°4 – Dozen

The smallest from the family Boutrais.
However remains fatty and crunchy for the oyster lovers…
These oysters are perfect with lemon, shallot or vinegar sauce that we also provide!



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