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Whelks Cooked – 250g

Useful and Yummy seafood! Fun Fact: Whelks produce a beautiful red purple dye, which was used by monks to illustrate manuscripts in early Christian Ireland.

White Tarama 45% 100g

A Mediterranean cuisine specialty made of cured roe of the cod, Tarama is a perfect addition to your hors d?oeuvres all year long. Best with just a splash of lemon, blinis and a glass of sauvignon blanc.

Sea Urchin Tarama 35% 100g

A tasty recipe made from the best quality of Icelandic smoked cod roe, brought together with the tropical flavour of the sea urchin coral.

Smoked Salmon ”Red Label” whole 500g

”Red Label” Scottish Salmon. Cured and smoked at Cagette!
Get a chance to try the real stuff.

Box. Fresh Oysters Fine de Claire No4 (48pcs)

Do you love seafood but don’t have the time or resources to find them out?


Well, look no further than our 50 pieces of Fresh Oysters Fine de Claire N°4!


These oysters are finished in knee-deep claire for a minimum of one month, during which they fatten and take on a sweeter, fruitier flavor from the water and phytoplankton in the ponds. Thousands of acres south of the city of Marennes have been converted into claires, and we’re proud to bring you the results of this labor of love.

Whether you’re looking for a delicious meal for yourself or a treat for your friends and family, these oysters are sure to please. So don’t wait any longer, order your 50 pieces of Fresh Oysters Fine de Claire No4 today!

If you would like us to open them for you, please add a note to your order! An extra charge of 300 baht will be added for the work.

Ostra Regal N°1 – Dozen

Discover the Ostra Regal oyster from the Boutrais family! It is their first jewel and an extraordinary product intended for the best connoisseurs of the oyster farming industry. This super special oyster is known for its high flesh content and its sweet, subtle and well-balanced taste.



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