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1.6kg Australian Beef Prime Rib Wagyu

Australian Wagyu is one of the most sought-after beef in the world and is a result of a natural hybridization process between local Angus and imported Japanese Wagyu cattle. It’s an expensive cut but well worth the money!
With its rich marbling, this meet is super fatty, tender and melt-in-your-mouth.


Wagyu beef has a much higher fat content than normal beef, that’s why you won’t need to add much salt or pepper to bring out its flavor. This makes it extra juicy and tender when cooked correctly, it is all about quality, not quantity! A little goes a long way with this Prime Rib from Australia!


Size 1.6kg
Good for 6-8 people (average indication)

1.8kg Beef Prime Rib ”Wagyu

This Prime Rib Wagyu 400 days Grain Fed Australian is just superb. It is delicate in taste, tender in texture and robust in flavor. What an impressive and perfect centerpiece for special gatherings with friends and family. Turn on the BBQ!


  • size 1.8kg
1.2kg Australian Beef Prime Rib Wagyu

This Prime Rib Wagyu 400 days Grain Fed Australian is just superb.


Australian Wagyu prime rib is a cut of beef with exceptional flavor and tenderness. It is also one of the most expensive cuts of beef you can buy. Australian Wagyu Prime Rib is produced from the primal section between the sixth and seventh rib of a carcass.


It’s called “prime” because it has the most marbling (fat) of any other cut of beef, making it incredibly tender. The fat content means that this cut needs to be cooked slowly over low heat or else it will become tough and chewy.


If you love steak and are willing to pay for a premium cut, have we got good news for you! Read on to discover everything you need to know about Australian Wagyu Prime Rib…


It is delicate in taste, tender in texture and robust in flavor.
Turn on the BBQ!

Australian Wagyu Beef Bresaola Sandwich

When you want something delicious and easy to eat, a gourmet sandwich is a great way to elevate the simple lunch.


Australian Wagyu cured Beef Bresaola and Parmesan cheese Sandwich is an ideal example of how simple ingredients can be elevated by using the right Chef’s technique.


The Bresaola is a type of air-cured beef that originates from Italy. It is thinly sliced, delicate in texture and has a slight peppery taste.


Our Chef match the taste of Bresaola with the nutty flavor of the Parmesan cheese imported from Italy and served between two slices of Savoyard bread.


The Italian Parmesan, homemade cured Bresaola organic rocket salad, olive oil and lemon dressing bring out the flavors of this gourmet sandwich perfectly, this combination will make your taste buds sing!

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