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Montage – Flower of Bali Salt – 110gr

This flaky crystal is carefully crafted from the delicate crust on the surface of Bali’s seawaters, just as it evaporates under sunlight. Tasting Flower of Bali induces a sensory emotion with its subtle elegant flavor and slightly crunchy texture, with flakes dissolving quickly, in perfect harmony with your taste buds.


Montage – Galangal Lemongrass Salt – 110gr

Slightly sweet, citrusy with soft earthy notes, Galangal (Thai Ginger) provides a delicate yet sophisticated balance when combined with young Roasted Coconut and Lemongrass.

Montage – Espresso & Cacao Salt – 110gr

Bold roasted notes with slightly bitter overtones, this magical combination of roasted coffee and cacao, with mild heat from sweet Thai chili, to round off the refined taste. Perfect for beef, chicken, tuna steaks, or hearty vegetables.

Montage – Roasted Garlic & Sweet Onion – 110 gr

A sweet savory roasted combination providing the perfect balance with delicate Fleur de Sel flakes, for the ultimate aroma and taste experience. A versatile combination for adding to pasta, rice, sweet potato or roasted vegetables. Simply add a pinch to your favorite dish, whether it is tofu, beef, chicken or pork.

Montage – Sundried Tomato & Thai Basil Salt – 110gr

The heavy, sweet and savory roasted flavor of the sun-dried tomato is beautifully balanced with the everly so slight, sharp and piquant overtones from the Thai basil. A wicked addition, whether you decide to bake or grill fish, and a tasty topping to elevate your scrambled eggs.

Montage – Yuzu Citrus Salt – 110gr

A taste and smell that radiates a citrus tangy delight, you can’t help but wonder how fresh lemon, lime and grapefruit can be combined into one. This incredible floral aroma is a masterpiece when combined with the subtle aromatic notes from the slightly spicy green peppercorn.

Montage – Pink Himalayan Salt – 85gr

With these naturally pink flakes you are empowered to control the flavors from the tips of your fingers. The uniquely natural salt brings a complex flavor reminiscent of Himalayan Rock yet you can pinch and spread the flake crystals between your fingertips. Have a try, as it melts in your mouth.

Montage – Small Pyramid Salt – 85gr

These uniquely Small Pyramid Crystals provide an extraordinary sensory appeal, a subtle flavor with an ever so crunchy texture. Try it by topping baked potatoes, besprinkle your salads or simply savor it over a chunky steak, giving the perfect flavor balance to your dish.

Montage – Tamarind Smoked Salt – 110gr

The hardwood of the tamarind tree, abundant in the tropics, gives a slightly bitter but
mild flavor reminiscent of walnut, but does not overpower. You will be amazed by the complex yet balanced smoky flavor, enhancing the deep-rooted ingredients of each dish.

Montage – Longan Smoked Salt – 80gr
Longan is a uniquely tropical fruit tree, related to the lychee, with the smoke of its hardwoods, a subtly sweet and delicately fruity in profile, providing a savory smoky experience that compares to apple and cherry woods with a tropical twist.


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