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French, for a crate made of wood slats. Stackable and light, it is used to transport all sorts of fruits, vegetables & fresh products. Its precious use has been proven through the years, from the fields & farms to the markets! This is our tribute to this messenger of taste…

But Cagette is also…

… A place to dine

Indulge yourself in the spirit of a Parisian bistro with a natural scenery! Cagette Canteen is the place to experience true French cuisine in the heart of Bangkok!

Indoor & outdoor: Open all day & everyday from 11:00 AM to 11:00 PM Parking and valet available

… A place to shop

Our unexpected & fully furnished gourmet fresh market is located on the 3rd floor above our restaurant. This all-in-one venue is the place for shopping premium delicatessen products as well as over 300 Wine labels to pick from the shelves. The Deli & Wine Cellar can also be privatized for all kind of exclusive events!

Visit our Deli every day from 10AM to 9PM

… An accessible

Visit our E-Shop and get the best of our products delivered to your doorstep in Bangkok and its surroundings areas! A large selection of imported and homemade cold cuts, cheeses, butchery, fresh fish & seafood, cooked delicatessen, bakery… delivered in a Cagette!


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