Morteau Sausage 360g - 3pcs

฿270.00 THB

Renowned for its generosity, smoky taste and balanced texture this sausage is for Gourmets as much as for Gourmands! In the mouth, it is soft, juicy and particularly supple.  

Over time, the Morteau sausage has become inseparable from the gastronomy of Doubs. With its tradition and rich craftsmanship, it continues to captivate consumers. Its unmistakably smoky flavor reflects the identity of its terroir, particularly the 'tuyés'. Authenticity and quality define the Morteau sausage, crafted from pork raised on whey, a byproduct of Doubs cheese production.

Visually, it's recognized by its distinctive closure. Embraced within a natural pork casing, it's sealed at one end with a natural fiber strin...