Saucisson Sec by Cagette - 100g

฿110.00 THB

A Taste of Genuine Craftsmanship: Saucisson Sec by Cagette

Enjoy the superb tastes of Cagette's Saucisson Sec, a masterpiece of old-world French charcuterie. This dry-cured sausage, which was made with unshakable devotion and a commitment to excellence, captures the spirit of time-honored artisanal methods.

Saucisson Sec has an enticing appearance that highlights its vibrant combination of colors and textures. Its exterior is decorated with a natural casing that denotes authenticity and is a tapestry of earthy colors, ranging from dark russet to light beige. Each slice reveals the fat-and-meat intermarbling, which holds the promise of succulence and flavor.