Apple Terrine with Caramel Sauce

฿240.00 THB

If you love Tatin Tart, you will love our "Apple Terrine with caramel sauce" ! 
Our pastry chef remastered the iconic tart to make it in a terrine shape. He selects sweetest apples and bake them until they caramelize. Then serves it with homemade vanilla whipped cream and caramel sauce. A true delicacy! 

For the short story:
The Apple Tatin tart, is a quintessential French dessert that boasts timeless elegance and delicious simplicity. This delectable pastry is named after the Tatin sisters, who are credited with its accidental invention in the late 19th century in Lamotte-Beuvron, in France. What began as a culinary mishap turned into a beloved classic that has sinc...