Camembert Normandie - 250g

฿590.00 THB

Camembert de Normandie is a very famous French cheese that find its origins from the Normandy region.

It is a soft and creamy cheese made from cow's milk. Don't be afraid of its strong smells the more it ripes! It will be a good sign of age meaning it's time for the Camembert to be savored.

We love to simply have it on a cheese platter with crunchy bread. 

At Cagette, our chef loves the Truffle baked Camembert and even put it on our menu! 

Fun Fact : This cheese is said to have inspired Salvador Dali to create his famous painting, The Persistence of Memory. Its "melting" watches were inspired by the sight of a melting wheel of over-ripe Camembert.