Ossau-Iraty 100g

฿310.00 THB

The 'Ossau-Iraty' is a cheese exclusively made from unstandardized and renneted sheep's milk. It is salted and matured, taking on a cylindrical shape with a slightly uncooked, lightly pressed paste that can be straight or slightly convex at the heel. It contains at least 50% fat content in the total dry matter and its dry matter content must not be less than 58%.

The farm-produced 'Ossau-Iraty' is exclusively made from raw milk.

The paste ranges in color from ivory white to amber cream, depending on the aging. It has a smooth, firm to creamy texture and may have some small openings.

The natural rind is formed by a living microbial flora. It adheres to the paste, undigested, undelaminated...